Inspirations from Nature

sunflower_dress Inspiration

Sunflowers are really pretty! The top of this dress is supposed to be the inside of the sunflower with yellow petals flowing down as the skirt.

Leaf_dress Inspiration

Look outside. What do you see? Nature. Nature is beautiful! Trees are a big part of nature. And on them, there are beautiful leaves. That is what inspired me to do this dress.

 Bird_dress Inspiration


Look up in the sky. It’s a plane! It’s a frog! It’s not underdog! It’s beautiful birds flying in a clear blue sky. A dress based on that would be beautiful! That is why I did it.



4 thoughts on “Inspirations from Nature

  1. Hello Elise!! This is my first time to your blog! It is WONDERFUL! And it was so much fun to see you posted the sketch Ella sent. My favorite thing is seeing your sketches, and hearing about where you got your inspiration! Like this one, where you show the birds and then the dress….really pretty. You are amazing! So creative!


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