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Gym Style



A Golden New Year

A Golden New Year


V neck dress

Yves Saint Laurent leather handbag
$1,065 –

Gold jewellery

Christian Dior fragrance

Peacock Dress

peacock_dress Inspirationjpg

I love peacocks! They are really pretty and they have unique, beautiful feathers! I have been wanting to post a peacock dress for a while, but I haven’t come around to it until now. So, here it is!

Goodbye Spring break!

spring_dress Inspiration

I am so sad that spring break is over. I had a lot of fun! I mostly had a staycation, but I also spent a night in Santa Cruz. After that, I went to Sacramento for my State Championships gymnastics competition. To top it all off, my parents surprised me with an Ariana Grande concert. I had so much fun! I hope your spring break was a lot of fun too! 🙂

Green Leaf Dress



Green_Leaf Dress

I said that I would make a dress out of real leaves or flowers, and I did. I found these leaves in my back yard on a rainy day. It was kind of hard to make a dress out of these three leaves, but I finally decided to do this design. You can do it yourself too! Just find things outside or in your house. ANYTHING! And I’m sure you will come up with a fashionable design. Have fun! ❤

Pink Flower Dress


I found this image online and I think it’s so cool! Someone made a dress design out of real flowers! Isn’t it pretty? I think it is. I love what  they did so much that it inspired me to do that too. I will do that with leaves, flowers, and lots of other stuff. my next post will probably show that.